Tuesday, 2 March 2021

#50preciouswords entry ...

I have entered a couple of competitions for the Ford this time this year. One is #50PreciousWords and the other #PBParty. 
I will share a link if the latter makes it to the final showcase, as I’ve submitted a sample of both my manuscript and illustrations. Interestingly enough, there are 50 finalists! 

More about the number 50 on my next post, here is my entry for #50PreciousWords below, hope over to twitter and take this hashtag with you ! 

Mouse is Scared 
Catherine L Owen 

Mouse woke up, scared 


Her heart beat loudly 


Mouse struck a match 

The match flared 

Darkness shrank back 

Mouse lit her tiny candle stub 

Blew out the match 

The candle flame stretched upwards 


The warm glow filled the tiny room 

Darkness fled 

Mouse took up her book 

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