Thursday 28 August 2008

Tuesday 26 August 2008

sometimes ....

sometimes mary naps well, and i can get things done or play with the toddlers. sometimes she doesn't.

i got a cd free with a magazine while trying to conceieve the first time with steve, and getting daisy and matty. i was getting broody and bought the magazine with both a blanket and this cd. it has woffly rubbish on it, plus sound effects and 2 songs which you can slap on repeat and use as soothing sounds or white noise to block out noise of sewing machine/washing machine/toddlers.

my favourite one at the moment is the "hoover sounds", having got bored of brahms lullabye!

as you cant buy it, i wonder if anyone would like a copy? i dont reccomend listening to "womb sounds" while eating some lunch!

burn, baby, burn .....

Sunday 24 August 2008

back from beyond ....the 'general' ....

the place where dreams are not to be had ... a bit sore but cheerful and hoping to be able to sit down and glue again soon!

my 'duct-tape-dummy', and some shoes to fit my client, should arive on tuesday, released from customs. i bet they dont understand whats in the box!

Wednesday 20 August 2008

this glue gun is loaded ....

my new gun, very neat ... very HOT!
all fursuiters must wield hot glue guns ...

the fabric of the furry feet, long fur, short fur and oatmeal fleece ...

mmmmmmm. soft ... in need of structure ... so back to those foam shapes i was cutting out and sewing ...

the feet with some shape ...

here are the foam toes glued inside the fleece toes, this hot glue works great, it sets fast and holds the fabric under tension ...

try not to get in the way of it tho, i dont even know how i got a hot blob on the back of my thumb!

i am going under the knife tomorrow so will not be in my workshop. i do have some small pieces of hand sewing to take with me in case i can't concentrate on my book or magazine. wish me luck, and i'll see you when i get back
cat xxx

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Monday 18 August 2008

WIP those big feet !

using the tutorial

here is a table full of foam pieces, i had to check back to the computer to see again how they would fit together! two of the toes have been sewn together-

all 8 toes are sewn up here, i tried using zigzag stitch and but the joints together, no pinning, and i wanted to facilitate a smoother curve than gluing might create. it seems to work well. i plan to add a rib of glue to the underside to strength, later -

and here are the 2 heal-and-ankle sections formed, a bit tricky to put through the machine!

fianlly, before getting out my 3 kinds of fabrics to be used on the feet, i cut up and re jigged the patterns a little bit, and they are labled with fleece, fur and log fur-

the next images will be of the fabrics im using
have a nice day
cat xxx

Thursday 14 August 2008

furry feet .... WIP

i know these pics dont look much like feet ...

go here

for a really good fursuit feet tutorial, here are the pictures of how im getting along with it, plus an ouline of chris' feet so he can see how they just fit right inside the pattern - or half the pattern.

and that link will gove you the credit forthe pattern too, i may change it once i have it all cut out, but this will be the basis for the feet.

Wednesday 13 August 2008

recycled bells ...

recycled bells ...
Originally uploaded by RaggyRat

in a bag of blessings, clothes and toys was one velcro bell strap, in barbie pink plastic and missing part of its velcro ... its made by the ealry learning centre, and had 4 bells on.

i cut off all the bells with a craft knife and used fabric off cuts i got from a fellow freecycler, and made these 4 loops, a pair for each twin girl ... the vecro was cut from a curtain used in my last flat :-)

the white paper is a pattern i made by drawing around the bell strap before i hacked it up.

sounds great if i fix one to each of matty and daisy's legs and they run up and down the hall way ...

Monday 11 August 2008

a long time ago ...

mother recently posted pics of my sister and i on 'facepack' as she calls it, and i was amused and horrified, at the shoes and the frocks, not to mention someones green cardigan inthe front row!

here are some home made blue frocks, that mother ran up on one of her many machines (she tried out a few models), no wonder she frequently got asked if we were twins!

so just for fun, which one is me?

Friday 8 August 2008

weymouth twins club ...

just started a new yahoo group for weymouth twins club.

this ones all closed and private to keep us safe to share photos and arrange meetings with our little ones, and i drew the logo based on my friend shelly!

Monday 4 August 2008

happy birthday granny ....

took a few group shots to give to granny, and made some cards ourselves, daisy and matty love to wield berol karisma-colour pencils!

oh, thats curious george on the LHS there, thats not me !

Sunday 3 August 2008

more furry WIP

showing the fleecy paw-pads
Originally uploaded by RaggyRat

the gloves are finished, the seams plucked and the cuffs hemmed ...

my friend kim came over for coffee and agreed to pose in them for a few shots, as i have such tiny hands and the gloves look baggy and floppy on me!

daisy and matty giggled and giggled as i took a few shots, kim is a natural! i should make her wear the whole suit!

(no i havent made the whole suit yet ! haha ........)

Thank You Julie ....

another surprise package for me and dear mary, contained among other things, this really cute gnome hat.

its from julie, here is her shop ...

doesn't mary look great in it?