Saturday, 26 September 2015

House work and treasure!

Today, after a morning out Mike decided to pull some old panelling off the stairs to see what's beneath. The paneling is wallpapered and the paper is split so there is nothing to lose!

Hidden behind the boards, on a ledge is a small taped up package. The tape is very yellow and the paper has been nibbled by our pet silverfish!

I have met these guys before! I found and photographed their graffiti under paper in two bedrooms and in the living room, where the family left another date. They papered the living room a month before they hid this note! 

A 44 year old coin, which probably looked very new when it was hidden, as 1971 was the year that these coins first came into circulation. It was also the year I was born ...

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Inspired by my bees, look what Mary has created!

This sweet bug has a head, abdomen and thorax as this is the first time Mary has used safety eyes too!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Facing up to it - 7

This week I went into orthodontics to have a little excess wire cut off. As teeth move, sharp bits magically appear, and because my small mouth gets in the way, spectacular holes can develop! 

Dr Ellis was free to help me out and after a short wait I went in to see her. She expressed delight at getting the chance to see how my teeth were lining up, and as she peered into my mouth she was not disappointed!

With barely hidden excitement, she suggested to her assistant that I might have an adjustment today instead of coming back in two weeks, and I didn't mind at all. 

Later I smiled at my extra blessing, even though Dr Ellis was right and I had very many sore teeth. A struggle ensued between orthodontist and some very small spaces and then I finally recieved my second upgrade in wire thickness!

I was not expecting to chose a new colour today so I went back to my first colour of aqua. I do like it! Scroll back to see how I wore it back in March this year!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Facing Up To It - 6

Royal red bands for me next! And my first
Upgrade of wire thickness! Since the last adjustment my teeth now meet in two places and eating salad has become slightly esier with four molars almost working together!

Then I got a super shine up with the in-house hygenist. She tackled staining, and some scale, and gave advice on problem areas. I can see her every two months or a little more often if I would like to!

Good progress is being made by teeth on the move. In six months time we shall have more idea on the time scale, but Mrs Furness said surgery would not be before next summer. I can still scare myself thinking about facing it...

But Mary can make me laugh for photographs!