Saturday 29 September 2012

Waist coat for a goat!

I don't really iron people sized clothes very much !

I love to work small and neat ... this is my brightest goat waist-coat yet ...

He likes it! Great!

Sunday 23 September 2012

New Rat Design!

Sewing and sipping tea ...

making a rat from a blanket that was mistakenly felted!

hello new rat!

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Book keeping again!

A Junior Mission Praise from a Weymouth school was greatly in need of some TLC, esp once I had stripped off all the parcel tape to see what I was working with ...

here is the heavy book put back together, and the spine supported externally with some blue fabric, left over from the cover ..

And here is the repaired and covered book, ready for the new term, we hope it lives for a long time now! The commissioner wanted Holy-Spirit Blue, with a bit of sparkle, so I used some silver and blue glitter-print fabric for the spine...

Thursday 13 September 2012

Thursday 6 September 2012

The Scapegoat!

Stuffed...and some scissor sculpting to shape the beard!

needle sculpting and embroidery thread to give the face character...

And the limbs are jointed with old-look buttons ...

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Cute Shelf Makeover...

First, filling any gaps and keying in with some sandpaper ...

painting with layers of Dulux, because I have a large tub of it!

Looking for some collage papers to use ...

applying papers with thinned PVA

Aging the pie with fine sandpaper and finishing with some nice waxy furnature polish, ready for use in this years Artwey Art Trail!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

New bin?

My shiny pedal bin was no longer so nice and shiny, my frequent use of a spray cleaner over the loo had left it rather pock-marked. Another opportunity to get collaging!

Materials, old bin, PVA, old bible, gold paint and some acrylic varnish.

Monday 3 September 2012

WIP goat doll

Working on another of my fun goat dolls, who like to wear steam punk waistcoats with cogs for buttons...

Sunday 2 September 2012

Refresh 2012 ... Out and About!

Playing in the sand at church on the beach!

Catching up with Friends, old and new ...

Being inspired ... Andrew Palau

Hanging out in the girly tent...

rocking the beach, after dark!

a touch of clown chique!

Taking advantage of the free Wifi...

Watching others play very silly beach games!