Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Catherine, Mary's Jelly-Cat Doll

It's certainly been cold in Weymouth this week, so Mary was converned about this pretty doll she calls Catherine. Mary made her various wraps, but our little friend was still cold. I asked Mary to choose an odd sock (we have quite the collection) and she came back with this one which Catherine liked a lot. 


Using the sock top as the main body of a jumper, I cut sleeves from the tubal part of the foot and stitched something akin to a raglan sleeve jumper together using small zigzag stitch to prevent stretch. For size I simply kept placing things against the doll. 


Catherine's bunches are tied with scraps of fabric. The garment was easy to fit as her head is squashy and socks are stretchy. It's a generous 80's sort of neckline anyway. 


Catherine loves it and has felt much warmer. Hooray for sacks of old, odd socks. 


Have you upcycled socks, or used new ones to make something? This is the first thing I made that wasn't a sock cuddly toy ...