Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011

I just love to make potato cakes ...

And eat potato cakes too!

For some time now I have had some willing helpers to do some mashing and mixing, and i can often leave them to it now for the most part, but not way back, when this video footage was taken, Baking with three under three I needed several pairs of hands and I can't imagine how I filmed it too!

So cute to see! And it used to be the only way my children would eat their 'tapeos', but now its a fab way to use up leftovers!

Popular People!

Here we are looking at this month's issue of popular crafts magazine, where in the KID'S CRAFT section you can find the winning artwork from the last issues craft challenge - Maps by Daisy, Matty and Mary themselves!

Their work looks really great in print, and they were pleased to win a great prize too!

Also in the magazine, among the readers letters, is some good advice from yours truly about what to do with pipes! Its a tad fiddly but very effective don't you think?

And then, even more better, a double page spread all about me, making me sound very professional indeed! But don't worry, there is much more in the magazine besides me and my tribe, and there is also a special offer on the lovely book we just reviewed, too!

Have you got a copy? I love to read inspiring things over my cup of tea xxxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Key!

I made a key fob for a tired key that lives at my neighbours house, just in case!

and then I made some more! I used the hem section of a lovely vintage curtain, the same one I used on my bottom!

Which do you like? xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Book Review - Children in the Wild garden!

I was asked to take a look at this book for Popular Crafts magazine and i was pleased because it looks right up our street, or should i say, garden! We do have a 'relaxed' attitude to gardening anyway, and as some one who educates her children at home, I was looking for a few fun, wildlife friendly ideas! The book is shown in more detail in this months issue, but more about that in a later post!

My wild children and I put on our wellies and headed outdoors with the book, on what was rather a gorgeous day for the middle of October! We already have a hotel for bees to stay in, so i felt really pleased, and this ivy at the back will make the perfect place for one of the books suggestions, hiding an old tea pot for mice and birds to nest in!

The book had strong, lively diagramic illustrations and really good photos graphs showing some of the things you might find, experiments to try and children busy in their wild gardens. One of my 5 year olds kept saying, 'oh wow, oh wow!' as she turned the pages, delighted!

We decided to go on a hunt for mini-beasts, the book explained that not all little creatures are BUGS, so I have learned something straight away!

This hollow in our apple tree actually contained what looked like soil and a few happy woodlice! Plenty to try the woodlice experiment then!

We have plenty of old rotting wood, and under one log, those woodlice had chewed themselves some rather lovely bedrooms - very impressive!

Under a second log was this rather impressive earth worm!

And LOTS of his friends, too!

and under a plank by the shed door we found a rather lively lava, who would hardly keep still for his picture to be taken!

This is a book that will keep us busy all year round, as we think about new life and new growth in spring, and caring for our little wild birds in the cold wintertime!

Friday, 14 October 2011


The problem - a pocket which shows too clearly where my cards are, and is also developing a hole! (i don't tend to be a handbag sort of person, really)

The solution - a nice new pocket made from pieces of vintage curtain fabric, and padded with a fleece lining to cushion my plastic money for a while!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Yesterday we went to the Library ...

and you can go too if you like ...

An Artwey community project for 2012 is getting a bit of a preview, with workshops and inspiration ... So here is a portrait by Matty to inspire others!

The giant wall will be made up of textile pictures of inspiring people such as these, Daisy made this image, of her inspiring Home-Educated friend!

And even Mary too tried her hand at free-machining and hand stitching, along with the fabric pastels we used too.

You can see our work on the washing line, and find out more about The Giant Wall ...

And we also contributed to the visitors book, and chatted with clare, stewarding!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Home educating - each other!

Don't be fooled by this studious looking picture, Matty and Daisy are just colouring in the margins ... Just what I did at school, I think!

'School' is a popular game at the moment, I found Mary sitting in Daisy's chair and Daisy 'teaching' her the alphabet from her own knowledge (and not bad either)

Daisy's favourite thing to do at the moment is read 'Peter And Jane' Ladybird books!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A little JOY in your house?

I am really pleased with this, along with my new living room colours! I bought the small square canvas in a local charity shop, thinking, I am sure I can find something to do with this! I go in the shop some blessing, but i nearly always come out with something else, often a good book for the girls.

I printed out some large letters and drew them onto the back of this awesome vintage fabric, then glued them to the canvas along with 2 other fabrics from my stash. The effects were made using white and gold paint, giving a lovely aged look.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sock Jesus!

For the longest time i have wanted to make a Jesus doll, and i finally got round to it ...

I chose some tan support socks, and he turned out pretty skinny. I learned on line how to tie on a loin cloth!

My finished Sock-Saviour reminds me of the Jesus that Stanley Spencer had romping all over Cookham, in his expressive and fun paintings!