Friday 16 November 2012

Ottoman long been in need of TLC!

My Ottoman has looked like this for a while, I pulled the fabric off the lid, whick had worn on the corners leaving frayed holes ages ago, and until this month, when ive given myself a sewing break, it remained a project-pending!

I took some PVA and an old prayer book from the Dorchester Curiosity centre (50p, bargain!)and covered up the nasty hardboard base. First I had to clean off some abundant cobwebs and dead woodlice!

Those legs now look quite sweet instead of blocks of unfinished wood ... and Jesus approves, of course!

Next, a begged-for wallpaper sample book was used to cover the sides. This sample book even has fabric in it, which I will use for the foam topper ...

and the insides were covered with both prayer book and wallpaper ... I have just the job for this Ottoman now! And no, not as my coffin. More than one person said it looks like my coffin ... but that does give me a rather sweet idea!

Next, I got this rather fantastic lettering from Ebay, and applied it before varnishing with a nice tin of ronseal.

And finally, screwing the lid back on gives us a new toy box, for the living room!

Friday 9 November 2012

Doing some drawing

This is also for my book, I feel really motivated at the moment!

Wednesday 7 November 2012