Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Chickens again!

So happy to be a chicken lady again, some sweet young things raised on Portland have come to join us at The Raggy Rat!

One conquers the apple tree before Daisy climbs up there. Then we clip the birds wings to prevent poultry walkabouts!

Much lighter than our old buff orpingtons, the girls enjoy some cuddle and strokes. I like the smell of the feathers and the glossy sheen as I stroke them!

And 26 eggs in 7 days! But ouch! I do not know who laid this beauty!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Facing up to it - 3

I went back to the orthodontist to be 'adjusted' and it was back to soft food for a couple of days! 

This time I chose pink for my ligatures, and Mary was very happy to see me wearing her favourite colour. My wire was tightened, and then to provide extra tension if got fine wire in place of elastic on two right-hand teeth.

Can you say right-hand teeth? 

Here is a delightful drawing of a girl drawn by Mary who can't wait to be 7 soon. Which means the blog is also that old too. Eeep. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cats of many colour ...

Hello everyone, one day I went to messy church with six cats to finish up while my girls had fun. Six cats were sewn up and given faces, but only four came home again with me!

Once home, I dressed them in ribbons ready to meet this years artwey visitors, but of course if you live too far away you can also have a kitty shipped!

Each has his own personality and could do with a name!

One is sweet, one thoughtful - but which one is the naughtiest? 

The flower filled face makes this one my favourite, and I've been calling her gypsy! Thanks for popping by. Enjoy this fine, spring day!

Friday, 17 April 2015


Here is a rat on the dining table. And seriously, pets on the table is now allowed! 

So, I have decided to give him away, and I'm going to do that via The Raggy Rat on Facebook so pop over and stand buy for more information, by liking the page!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Creative children ...

This charming, tiny bear was seen by Matty, aged 9 and two days! She worked on it while I was in hospital for a few hours on Friday, and showed me when I it home. While I may miss home educatio. I'm happy that my children will still use time off school to be productive. This bear was inspired by a sewing boom design, and inteprpreted - not copied. Well done Matty!