Thursday, 16 June 2022

Prayer flags at the Music festival

Prayers for our time, a lockdown project, are having a surprise outing. As I snuggled down on the sofa on Friday night with a book and my iPad I had a quick look at social media. I was glad I did. Stuart Semple posted that his sister was urgently in need of artwork, after some local artists had to pull out. 

So I emailed right away, just really felt lead to. After finding out it was in the Priory itself, and not say, a church hall, I knew I had to show her my lockdown project. 

We arranged to meet and hubby was only too keen to help out. At the priory, it was he who suggested we use the window bars to hang the pieces using our twine and fishing line. 

Here are the remaining 18 pieces from the full set of 20. And me! 

And my blurb, printed before 8am on a Saturday morning and stitched to a pretty piece of paper! Lastly, here is the leaflet if you fancy some culture this weekend.  Art will be on display on Sunday too. 

I would like to do some more assembled pieces. Looking for inspiration. And time! 

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Zero issues with my cup of tea …

These days I mainly write picture books, sew plush, and create digital art, rewarding my self with a lovely cup of tea. Soya milk, no sugar. So I would like to present my latest brew, which I’m sipping as I blog. I think it’s extraordinary. You would understand if I showed you a cup of tea made with my tap water, but I wouldn’t want to drink it. I’ve been spoiled. 

I have had various filter jugs since moving to Dorset from the highlands of Scotland, where the water tastes like rainbows in waterfalls. I just couldn’t understand how the locals could drink their own cups of tea, with a scummy layer on top and a metallic taste. I don’t know how Zero Water found me, but when they offered me one of their jugs to try I said YES PLEASE. 

It comes with a gadget too, so i can see just how the filter is working, and don’t have to guess or remember to change the filter. You can store the probe in the slot on the lid instead of in the third drawer down, which is never a good idea if you ask me… That huge filter provides 5 levels of filtration and it screws up from the bottom for a really good seal. Sadly for me and my tiny tiny hands I failed twice to get it tight enough and had to ask a large handed person to help me. When all was put together correctly my probe read 000 so I knew it was working. How’s my tap water? See bellow. 

Quite high, if you check the chart provided by Zero Water. Share your reading with them if you want a voucher towards new filters. 

The water almost tastes a bit too different for my children, but I like it a lot. My mug isn’t getting as stained either. Awesome bonus. The little spigot at the base of the handle is good for when the jug is filling and you just can’t wait. You cannot pour from it when there is water in the top chamber, it will leak into your glass or kettle. I do love a nice cup of tea. Next, I’m off to design a dragon. 

Friday, 4 March 2022

Snuggle Time Easter Stories, and plush rabbits

 It’s always good to have a special friend. And so for my friend Glenys Nellist’s brand new book I felt I ought to suggest she had both of the bunnies that feature on every page of the book. 

I made the little patched rabbit first and hand coloured the markings. 

When they were both completed I told them they were off to meet Glenys, in Michigan and as you can see they were very excited. They have big ears, to listen to the author sharing her stories. 

The book is available in all the usual places and of course it’s perfect for sharing now, during lent. 

Both rabbits popped up in Instagram recently, keep an eye out for them. I love making rabbits and these two are really rather special. Hey, I wonder if they met little Mole? 

Want plush for your book events? Just drop me a line … 

Thursday, 13 January 2022

January is cold and dark ...

But in the darkness, hope can always be found. 

And on a cold, cold day you can always put on your warm hat and coat and go outside...

I decided to create in plush Little Mole, because he’s such a dear little character, dreamed up by Glenys Nellist, and drawn so sweetly by Sally Garland.
Interesting to discover that Glenys is Lancashire Lass, like yours truly, and that Sally and I both attended Edinburgh College of Art. Small world? 

I think he likes his book, don’t you? 

I’m going to make something else from a picture book now ... 

Saturday, 23 October 2021

The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

I began making dolls inspired by the book in 2010. A teacher was looking for someone in the Etsy Plush Team to recreate the china doll completely in fabric so the children could put on a play. And recently I was approached by someone looking for a miracle, with a deadline and no dolls. 

And as the person making them some dolls had become unable to make them, I said yes I would give it a go. 

Despite being shattered, because they all left my hands today, I also feel really accomplished and a little sad. There’s something about Edward and this was the first time I made some of the outfits shown here. 

My daughter Mary really wanted to see him as Suzanna and I couldn’t wait to make Malone, using a felted woolly jumper so that it won’t fray on stage. 

I wonder if I will get to see any pictures of these guys performing? Well in any case, it’s lovely to still be making Edwards after 11 years. 
Have you got one of my dolls?  

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Safari Tales

 I have a happy update about this GOOD NEWS because you can now get your little monkey paws on  a copy of Safari Tales really soon, as there is the option to pop it in your shopping cart here!

This makes me an official published illustrator. Just check out my name at the bottom there. Can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands. Mary and I recently videoed ourselves talking about the book for IGTV. Eeek! 

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Fifty for fifty success!

So I thought you ought to enjoy a parade of mice, all made for a good cause. This is most of them, not all. 

I was completely blown away by the support for this venture. You did me proud, raggyrat fans .... 

We funded 20 places for those in need enabling them to take the Court Confidence course, and attend court as a Litigant In Person, something I have had to do myself 

I hope you enjoy the mice. And maybe spot yours! I can’t believe I’m 50 but it was good to mark it in some way.