Wednesday 28 June 2017

Be A Unicorn!

Life is challenging to say the least, I know that as much as the next man. Woman. Crafter .... But there is a way out and  its possible for just a moment to .... 

And take a colourful time out from homework, medical madness and yes, art and craft work! Daisy and Mary pounced on this book as soon as it arrived and sure enough, smiles began to spread!

Be A Unicorn by Sarah Ford is cute funny and, I found, amazingly tender. I have enjoyed it with my tea and biscuits, while trying to gain weight for Double Jaw Surgery, resting between household chores or worrying about the worries my growling children have. I can think of many people i could pass this book on to, to cheer them up, but this copy is mine! (Insert tinkling, unicorn-type giggle).

Just don't laugh too hard, ok? Hmmmm, i wonder if these guys would publish my book?