Thursday 27 April 2017

Facing Up To It - 19

I went to orthodontics again yesterday, when I had been in braces 777 days! The black bands were removed and I got .... Well I will show you at the end, but first a flash back to sometime in March when I had a sort of deja vu experience of cameras, mould making and a new X-ray of my profile for working out what a surgeon should do while I'm fast asleep in Poole Hospital shortly ...

Orthodontist and nurse set about me with mirrors and odd spoons ....


Usually we see the close up results of these photos but Michael stepped in to show just how those gob-shots are taken. I have such a tiny mouth that when they pop these things in and ask me to bite together I laugh, and they have to release more of my lip. I can appreciate just how much they get stretched for surgery, but I still don't really want to think bout it much!


Left, right, front all my teeth are captured. I can wait to see them at the joint clinic at the end of May! 


And back to yesterday, Mary and I have our birthdays in May, so I got some very cheerful and celebratory coloured bands, as well as a new left hand bed spring and power chains top and bottom. But L declared me surgery ready, there are just a few issues that could easily be fixed post surgery. 


On Monday 24 April I met my surgeon, or actually one of my surgeons and we had a talk about expectations versus reality, and she said she would make 2 plans, and let me consider them both. I always thought I was up for double jaw surgery, but this might not be the best option for me now. We shall see. On Monday 8 May I meet the other surgeon and see what he has to say. Yikes!