Thursday, 16 June 2022

Prayer flags at the Music festival

Prayers for our time, a lockdown project, are having a surprise outing. As I snuggled down on the sofa on Friday night with a book and my iPad I had a quick look at social media. I was glad I did. Stuart Semple posted that his sister was urgently in need of artwork, after some local artists had to pull out. 

So I emailed right away, just really felt lead to. After finding out it was in the Priory itself, and not say, a church hall, I knew I had to show her my lockdown project. 

We arranged to meet and hubby was only too keen to help out. At the priory, it was he who suggested we use the window bars to hang the pieces using our twine and fishing line. 

Here are the remaining 18 pieces from the full set of 20. And me! 

And my blurb, printed before 8am on a Saturday morning and stitched to a pretty piece of paper! Lastly, here is the leaflet if you fancy some culture this weekend.  Art will be on display on Sunday too. 

I would like to do some more assembled pieces. Looking for inspiration. And time!