Friday, 28 December 2012

Mousey REmake!

sometimes I get asked to re create and old favourite! To make mousey, I had to have the original accidentally forgotten somewhere and sent to me for patterning!

I worked with some soft velboa/minky, in the colours of mousey in his youth! And searched around to find the right eyes and nose, even copying the fact that his ears were not evenly applied to his head!

the cheeky tongue was fun to apply, and reminded me of a childhood friend I loved and lost, called Sandy-Bear. He had a tongue which was frequently re-glued, and as he dried on the mantel piece I would be desperate to have him back!

Finished mousey looks very dapper, and was posted off for a christmas surprise!

Here they both are, the old and the new - which reminds me, sorry for being AWOL in December, I was very busy this year, and it's almost time for a new one! All the very best xxxxx