Monday, 26 December 2022

Memory Bears, Memory Mouse

Here are three lovely big bears, who were gifted yesterday…

One pair of skinny size 8 jeans made one bear. As you can see, I also made 2 bears which are the reverse of each other. 

My mothers house-coat became three tiny mice. One can be found nestled in among my youngest child’s plush. I don’t know if they have a name yet, but one of my twins called her mouse Jenny, almost immediately! I was reminded of my 50 for 50 last year. I hadn’t made a mouse since then … well not one like these! 

Monday, 12 December 2022

Memory Bears

A bear made from T-shirts lined with white fleece, gifted on a wedding day this summer. 

This year, rather sadly, I’ve slipped into making a few memory bears. It’s not completely sad, because it’s also about remembering, and being able to keep clothing of a loved one in a special way. Many years ago I wore my Dad’s jumper for as long as I was able, and then made a set of Christmas stockings for the family which are brought out every year and filled with bits and bobs. And earlier this year, my sister made a bear for my Mother’s widow and gave it to him for his birthday. 

These two bears will be gifted to little girls this Christmas, and are made from shirts worn by a beloved Gramps. If you look you will see that I’ve carefully set the fabrics to mirror each other in the teddies. 

Finally, and just in time for Christmas, I am creating a small number of bears from jeans, inspired by the families love of Charlie bears. 

All the bears shared here are about size of Charlie bears, lovely, big and cuddly. Quite a task to stuff too. But all very important and it’s a great honour to work on them. And my sister has given me a little of my Mother’s house coat, so watch this space. I’m going to make something very, very small.