Monday, 24 October 2016

Facing Up To It - 15

At the end of September my teeth looked like this ....

Though they sit in a marvellous curve they are still splayed out and need to become something more like perpendicular. Maybe there's a better word for that to do with the angles of teeth! I gave the URL for this blog to my othondontist and nurse, so I wonder if they came to find it. L was certainly helpful in letting Michael take photos such as this. Will we appreciate all of this in years to come? I do hope so!

Im going back next week to find out what needs to happen next. That wire which is wobbly in the pic above will be nice and straight I'm sure!

Cathy, aged 11

What a beautiful gentle old girl is Cathy the retired racing greyhound. She belongs to a friend of mine, and I was asked to draw her out of all the special dogs my friend has loved!

When I began to sketch her out, it was really important to me to capture the soul that shows in her big brown eyes. 

After mapping everything out in dark sepia, I build up colours in layers, my favourite part of making a portrait. I'm really pleased with how Cathy turned out.