Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Facing Up To It - 16

So today, and I am not long back from DCH, I have been in braces for 602 days. The orthodontist and nurse were in good spirits, planning Christmas in terms of a) my band colours and b) dressing up and playing games in othodontics. It was agreed that although mulled wine, which also stains teeth in braces, is a very definite no-no, wearing deely-boppers and sipping Benecol might be permitted. I declined to comment, mostly because it's rude to talk with your mouth ful, but also because there was lots to do inside my gob today. 

My next job is to Google the game SPEAK OUT. Dentists are generally good at this game.

So I've got some colour back in my life after experimenting with all the neutrals. I chose navy-knicker blue, but I agree to be Christmassy on the 15 Dec when I go back. The upper teeth were looking so good that they were rewarded with a steel. These are the arch wires needed for surgery. Yikes! I've got my third power chain on the top row, too. 

Down below, we looked at moving the front right i-tooth and the number 7 on the same side. That arch wire is another Ni-Ti but I'm hoping it might be a steel soon. Or do I? Surgery looms ever closer!