Friday 29 January 2016

Street rescue ... Backpack repair

One rainy day this week we parked the car to go visiting, and there in a soggy heap was a backpack. It was covered in leaves and berries and contained woodlice, soil and a fat worn!

But Mike and I both saw potential. Something that ought to escape the landfill, and we threw it on the mat in the footwell of the car when we left. 

At home I shook it out and fed the worm to the chickens. After two dunkings in water from the rain butts, I brought the backpack in for a hand wash, in a solution of floor cleaner and disinfectant. After that an Express wash, rinse and spin in the Meile. 

As the bag dried I could see it was in pretty good shape apart from the adjusters. One was missing and another was smashed. The zips were sticking but  a few sprays of Mr Sheen and they didn't need replacing after all. 

I have a stash of webbing and clips and I found two adjusters the right size. Mike unpicked the loops needed to hold them in place and you can see my re-stitching. 

I don't think it matters that the clips don't match. I have a new bag! 

Wednesday 27 January 2016

A new kid on the block ...

Lately a lot of over-made-up dolls are getting a younger, fresher look. I decided to have a go myself. I can paint, I just wasn't sure about having a steady enough hand! But I found this Alice Moxie Girlz doll for 50p and she came home with me ...

With a few pieces of magic eraser, and a lot of nail varnish remover her make up and fat lips disappeared! Well ok, those lips still looked pumped. Some careful painting would take care of that. 

With white acrylic I shaped new eyes. And with a gentle pink and some 12-year-olds front teeth those lips have changed!

After that point I was on a roll. I do believe she needs some hint at eye lashes, but I'm really pleased with my first attempt to create a doll that looks like a real person!

Simple clothes next, but in the meantime, I found a hat for her to wear. 

What do you think her name should be?

Facing up to it - 10

My January teeth are coloured red! With no hygienist at the orthodontists, I was happy to have a really good blast and polish with my regular dentist, Lucy James. 

No wire changes this time but lots of encouragement from Claire and I've taken a photo to show you the difference in my bands, the top ones are Os and the bottom ones are 8s which means the lower teeth hurt more!

Saturday 16 January 2016

Remember our Family Textiles? Cushions completed!

We had colourful fun trying to create some new posh cushions for our sofa ... Here is Daisy's Tiger, painted and with pastel detail added ...

And Mary's Meerkat featuring a nice bold green outline. 

And Matty's Fox, also showing great colour mixing and shading too. 

You dont have to encourage me to be colourful, the top i was wearing in the photo this was drawn from is almost that bright pink. 

Then we all tried quilting for the first time, and I began to make the art into actual cushion covers using a fun table cloth I found second hand.

Mary sewing and keeping a nice tension on her running stitch ... She is now 7 years old and very fond of sewing ...

Matty May and Daisy can now all enjoy a new cushion when reading books on the sofa ...

My own cushion receives approval by Salt Ferret herself! so much so she stayed still long enough for a photograph!

Thursday 14 January 2016

New white goat doll ...

I love these new white goats. I made  two of them and one was traded with an artist for fabulous stained glass art!

I want to call these goats Abe, because they make me think of Amish Buggy Drivers ....