Friday, 19 January 2018

Facing Up To It - 22

So it’s January? Gosh. I swear the years get faster as you get older. And I should know. Yesterday in anticipation of being 6 weeks post op, I made a comparison pic using a nifty little app. I was shocked. I tried to line up the nose tips and eyebrows ....

Then today I had my 6-week follow-up with L my orthodontist and prepared to feel uncomfortable as she removed tones of old rubbers large and small including three pieces of powerchain! I couldn’t open very wide but she and I did well. 

I got new powerchain, new, light arch wires, some rather groovy handmade hooks and aqua ligatures on my Corsodyl stained teeth. 

There are only 2 ‘boxes’ of light elastics keeping my jaws in relationship, and of course I took pictures so that when they fly across the room I can replicate the arrangement! 

I went home to cook lunch and sing songs (badly), then chew lunch (equally badly) but enjoyably so. I feel like being creative again. Watch this space!

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