Saturday, 29 July 2017

Feeling like a sloth, on a rainy day in July?

So the fuzzies went on a walking with bio-father, and mummy was left with all the baby sitting. Mary left instructions for specific toys, Matty texted to ask if hers were ok, and when I looked at Daisy's collection of favourites I saw that her newest toy had a note for me and Mike ...

I love him so much I desided to ask daisy if we could collaborate on a little project. She thought that was a fabulous idea so on a wet Saturday I had my paints out. Some of the paints pre date all my children. 

Eventually, layering paint and chalk, tracing and collating and embellishing just a little, a new sloth was born.

I'm going to varnish him tomorrow when the PVA is really dry and then I'll hang him up. I can't wait for daisy to see him! But then, I shouldn't try to hurry things. After all, a sloth knows how to chill...


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