Friday, 27 May 2016

Facing up to it - 12

Going mouldy, today I met an older version of me. The one we knew before I spent 443 days in othodontic appliances! Have those days flown by? Yes I think they have!

So here I am, with apparently no bottom teeth. Despite orthodontics in my late teens, I still had trouble eating, and no one had ever told me my bottom jaw just hasn't grown enough! That old NHS crown also looks far too big for my mouth ....

This view from the side hints at where my lower incisors might be. That lower jaw also hides wisdom teeth too. 

On the right-hand upper jaw you can see the one wisdom tooth I do have, and the other teeth jostling for best position!

A month ago I had more moulds made, by simply removing my wires, to asses what needs to happen before I am surgery ready. As you can see, the treatment so far has brought the lower teeth out of the palate where they used to come to rest and the dream of eating an apple like everyone else does slides nearer ....

Look at these beautiful perfect curves! You can see half of that wisdom tooth which has remained free of treatment but is now sitting at a different level. His days are numbered. I lost his partner after my first child, to a dentist in Inverness!

Something that can be done using these moulds, that cannot be done in my mouth, is that the position of my teeth post surgery can be checked. Here is where my teeth really should be, and it's clear a few tweeks are needed. So today I had my top wire widened and by the evening I was feeling the pain!

And next time I will have those lower teeth shaved down to narrow them, and l will let you know how that goes. But look - here is roughly how I will look, with bottom teeth! I'm pretty excited about that!

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