Thursday, 7 April 2022

Zero issues with my cup of tea …

These days I mainly write picture books, sew plush, and create digital art, rewarding my self with a lovely cup of tea. Soya milk, no sugar. So I would like to present my latest brew, which I’m sipping as I blog. I think it’s extraordinary. You would understand if I showed you a cup of tea made with my tap water, but I wouldn’t want to drink it. I’ve been spoiled. 

I have had various filter jugs since moving to Dorset from the highlands of Scotland, where the water tastes like rainbows in waterfalls. I just couldn’t understand how the locals could drink their own cups of tea, with a scummy layer on top and a metallic taste. I don’t know how Zero Water found me, but when they offered me one of their jugs to try I said YES PLEASE. 

It comes with a gadget too, so i can see just how the filter is working, and don’t have to guess or remember to change the filter. You can store the probe in the slot on the lid instead of in the third drawer down, which is never a good idea if you ask me… That huge filter provides 5 levels of filtration and it screws up from the bottom for a really good seal. Sadly for me and my tiny tiny hands I failed twice to get it tight enough and had to ask a large handed person to help me. When all was put together correctly my probe read 000 so I knew it was working. How’s my tap water? See bellow. 

Quite high, if you check the chart provided by Zero Water. Share your reading with them if you want a voucher towards new filters. 

The water almost tastes a bit too different for my children, but I like it a lot. My mug isn’t getting as stained either. Awesome bonus. The little spigot at the base of the handle is good for when the jug is filling and you just can’t wait. You cannot pour from it when there is water in the top chamber, it will leak into your glass or kettle. I do love a nice cup of tea. Next, I’m off to design a dragon.