Sunday, 21 December 2008

yummy pattern books, to make you drool !

MY FUN TO SEW ... janet barber
this is a book i poured over as a child, i had a whim to go looking for it recently and found it on abe books, from a UK seller ... very exciting and it didnt cost me very much either. looks in about the same condition as my copy ... i wonder if? would anyone like to see inside? its beautifully dated and wonderfully coloured, photots and drawing on every page.

SOFT ANIMALS A TO Z ... carolyn vosburg hall
saw this book on amazon, and while blog hopping
so here it is on my blog too!
the patterns are very clever, i won't make all the animals, but the dog pattern was used to create flash the collie, below, and looks very different from the dogs in the book ... if you fancy trying it, her dog isnt made with 33 pieces of fabric, like mine!
check out that girraffe - i have a fabric that woud look great as a couple of girraffes!


Caroline B said...

You lucky thing! When I wanted to get the Soft Animals A-Z on Amazon they had run out - must check again. 'Flash' looks great, almost real!

Amanda said...

What memories! I had the fun to sew book. I'd forgotten all about it. What a find for you.