Friday, 1 December 2017

Facing Up To It - 20

Well it’s been some time since I blogged about the jaw and teeth, since I went from April to November in limbo, being surgery ready and waiting for THE DATE along with jaw buddies of mine in a certain Facebook group. 

Then it all began to happen. I got the surgery date, and I went to several appointments in preparation. There’s one on Monday with the surgeon too. That should be proper interesting. 

And these bad-boys were fitted, surgical hooks to create more mouth ulcers and facilitate wiring during the actual op. They are on the bottom teeth as well, pointing downwards! 

So today, with one week to go, I’ve taken a selfie for you. I normally compensate for my bite, but here I’m hiding nothing and have bitten together to show you my actual pre surgery face. I don’t look like a fun, inventive creative person from this picture. That’s why I mostly show you my stuff, or my cute kids. 

But here I am, for the record. Next Friday will see me under the knife. Hammer. Well, however they separate jaw bones, I do not really want to know. Eeeep! 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Not A Waist!

When the loop on Michael’s waistcoat frayed and broke I was not sure how to repair it because the black loose weave wasn’t something I had in my stash and I felt that using black cotton wouldn’t match well enough to not look out of place. 

But these days mismatched buttons is a thing, and so I chose something colourful that Mike would like, to make a whole new loop with and I think it looks rather fab. This repair was done by hand-stitching the edge seam closed, once I had opened it carefully with a stitch ripper to release the rest of the frayed loop. 

And he likes it! 

Thursday, 19 October 2017


And here is my skull, at home in my natty corner unit. He looks forward to greeting those of you who come to Dorset Art Weeks! 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It’s not for Halloween ...

I like skulls. I suppose given my pending face related surgery, I really ought to have at least a passing interest. Jaw surgery blogs and Facebook pages appear frequently in my comings and goings about the internet. 

This lovely specimen is a Childs toy who’s head broke when he got dropped and was glued back together with Sugru. I love that stuff. 

In order for the paint not to crawl, I’ve treated it with ESP which is another fabulous product that no one asked me to plug. So that’s vinyl wall plaint slapped onto a plastic skull. 

But it’s not for Halloween, it’s for always. I will show you where it’s going to go, on permanent display, soon! 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Feeling like a sloth, on a rainy day in July?

So the fuzzies went on a walking with bio-father, and mummy was left with all the baby sitting. Mary left instructions for specific toys, Matty texted to ask if hers were ok, and when I looked at Daisy's collection of favourites I saw that her newest toy had a note for me and Mike ...

I love him so much I desided to ask daisy if we could collaborate on a little project. She thought that was a fabulous idea so on a wet Saturday I had my paints out. Some of the paints pre date all my children. 

Eventually, layering paint and chalk, tracing and collating and embellishing just a little, a new sloth was born.

I'm going to varnish him tomorrow when the PVA is really dry and then I'll hang him up. I can't wait for daisy to see him! But then, I shouldn't try to hurry things. After all, a sloth knows how to chill...

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

From tiny to huge! Pet Portraits ...

From this tiny well loved degu, captured in black and white ...

To a colourful calico, who I have created in exchange for some fabulous hand knitted gloves ...

And via this special horse, who I had to keep off line until the birthday when he was presented. I will probably go back to working on my book now ..

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Be A Unicorn!

Life is challenging to say the least, I know that as much as the next man. Woman. Crafter .... But there is a way out and  its possible for just a moment to .... 

And take a colourful time out from homework, medical madness and yes, art and craft work! Daisy and Mary pounced on this book as soon as it arrived and sure enough, smiles began to spread!

Be A Unicorn by Sarah Ford is cute funny and, I found, amazingly tender. I have enjoyed it with my tea and biscuits, while trying to gain weight for Double Jaw Surgery, resting between household chores or worrying about the worries my growling children have. I can think of many people i could pass this book on to, to cheer them up, but this copy is mine! (Insert tinkling, unicorn-type giggle).

Just don't laugh too hard, ok? Hmmmm, i wonder if these guys would publish my book?