Wednesday, 10 December 2008

FLASH - AAAAAA-aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! (flash gordon theme)

hoooraaaay - i have just heared that we can RAFFLE the picture of Flash, Seb Green's Dog! Just the picture created by me, not the actual dog at all (at least one well-wisher was confused previously!). folk have to put £5 in an envelope with their name on it, and the raffle will be drawn in the pub on sunday, at seb's welcome home. I'd love to give my on-line friends and blog followers the oppotunity to take part too, as its so near the end now you will need to have a paypal account, drop me an email at the address top left.

here is the official web page or Seb's odyssey

and here is some information to be found on the starlight charity website giving more of seb's story and an oppotunity to donate direclty ...

"Dear Seb supporters,

As those of you who have been able to follow the website will be aware, Seb has almost completed his circumnavigation of mainland Great Britain and will cross the finish line in Weymouth at 11am on Sunday 14th December, having walked something in excess of 3,134 miles since the 1st February this year. It is a truly remarkable achievement for this extraordinary teenager who has travelled, largely unaccompanied, with just his dog Flash for company. He has experienced sun, rain, hail, sleet and snow, gale force winds and days of balmy sunshine. He has camped in sand dunes, forests, fields, back gardens, wild country and 'proper' campsites. He has stayed in the homes of friends, well-wishers, DofE leaders, youth workers, and total strangers. He has stayed in fire stations, youth centres, B&B's and a 'Grand' hotel. He has experienced extraordinary highs and extraordinary lows, and through it all has never once lost his focus for more than a fleeting moment.

An outline programme for the Finish is posted at the foot of this email.

But what has sustained him most, and helped him achieve this extraordinary feat, has been the unwavering support and encouragement of hundreds of individuals, families, organisations, and complete strangers who have helped him along the way in numerous ways - by providing accommodation, transport, meals, equipment, sponsorship, support funding, companionship, laughter and much much more.

We would love as many of you as possible to join us at the finish next Sunday to welcome him home, but if you can't make it in person, or live too far away, why not send a final message for the website by emailing it to or send him a card c/o Mary Harper, Crossways Youth & Community CentreOld Farm Way, CROSSWAYS, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8TU to arrive no later than Friday 12th Dec. For those of you who make the finish there will be a message book to record your message in too.

And if you do make it to the finish, do come and make yourselves known to members of the Support Team (we'll have badges) - we would love to meet you in person (if we haven't already!) and put faces to names.
We hope by Sunday morning that Seb WILL have reached his £20000 target - we are very very close. If any of you ARE proposing to present fundraising cheques at the finish, it would be really useful to know a definite amount by email in advance to enable us to add it to his total on Saturday evening... It might just stop him carrying on for a further round! (If it is a personal donation and you will be making it on-line using, there is no need to notify me).

Finally, whether or not you are there on the day, please know for certain that without YOUR contribution this extraordinary event could not have been the runaway success that it has. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best wishes on behalf of ALL the Support Team

Mary Harper"