Wednesday, 3 December 2008

home educating ... just being like mummy!

this was fun, and thrilling, and by thrilling i mean for me - twins girls less than three years, real needles and real sewing ... just like mummy

i offered this activity because as i was giving mary a feed daisy started pretending to cut and sew my trousers. now they have met needles and pins before, even the sewing machine, but not too close when its switched on - the danger there is they stand on the treddle when im sewing, and sew through my finger!

i gave them squares of fabric, bright emboidery floss, and large-ish needles, fairly sharp - blunt ones would just be frustrating! i knotted the threads so that the needles would stay on. daisy went through 2 squares of fabric and about 4 lengths of thread, her work is the largest and the smallest of the three forms. she concentrated for over an hour.

people often ask me how i get anything done, the answer is just to do it, and to do it with your children.


cathy gaubert said...

oh, the sweetness of this! knotting the thread so that it doesn't come off of the needle is key, isn't it? and my girls would agree that the blunt needles (although safer, surely!) really just aren't good enough. :)

Caroline B said...

Well done the girls! I used to work for a pre-school - children are pretty good if you let them have a go at things like this.

Matilda said...

Oh how absolutely wonderful Cat!!! the whole story brought a sentimental tear to my eye. huggies to you all.