Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Have you caught the loom band bug?

Look at this fantastic rainbow crochet. All made out of those coloured loom bands which I keep hoovering up these days. 

Have you had a go at creating with these marvellous rubbery things? Not only did i not make this piece but I haven't even made a fish tail bracelet. In fact no one else with nimble fingers has made me one either, although a certain 8 year old has promised to make me one soon. 

Here is Louise with her almost complete creation ....

Loom band shorts - did you guess? 

Lousie might have the most colourful bottom in Christchurch right now, but it's also probably the most dimpled, as this rubbery knitting is rather textured too!

Perfect summer wear and also rather good worn over a pair of purple leggings for winter fun. What do you think?

Have you made anything ambitious with loom bands? You are sure to amaze me if you have. Fiddly little rubber rings are beyond me, but Louise is very much a girl after my own heart! 

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