Monday, 16 January 2012

Horsey, horsey ...

About a year ago we adopted this old horse from a nearby freecycler ... His mane and tail were knotted and dread-locked, and random attempts to brush them, or stick the mane back onto his head all failed! In this picture the tail looks quite well brushed, but then it would rub as it was rocked and all mess up again!

So I made a lovely new tactile, non-snagging tail, from some rather nice packaging rope. It swings beautifully when our horse gallops!

carefully removing tacks, glue and nylon hair revealed a rather elegant neck, and the rainbow hat, which is too itchy for Mary, keep him warm too!

I need to find him some kind eyes next, he has been painted here, and rather resembles a goat!


Sue Niven said...

Goats eyes, Lol, Very telling that it simply Had to go to you!

Meryl said...

Love how sweetly your restoring this old guy. Old toys are so cool.