Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Eh? It's little E!

While Daisy has hit the ground running in her quest to learn to read, Matty can only read a few words, and one of her blocks was that we had not helped her get the sound E makes into her head ...

But I was feeling pushy, and also brave and experimental and went all out to prove to her that E says 'Eh', jumping in from Daisy who, although sweet isn't the best teacher in the world!

I pinned THIS little 'e' onto the curtain on Matty's side of the bedroom! She has got it! Combined use of an alphabet jigsaw, a drawing board and the works HEN, TENT and NEST and she was singing EH, EH, EHHHHHH, all the way up the stairs to bed!


southmedhorse said...

I remember a song that had the line "E's a good, e's a good,
E's Ebeneezer Goode"

WendyCarole said...

I love it when they finally get it. Well done Matty.