Sunday, 8 January 2012

Books and Bricks and Logs!

I have been tackling my garden, particularly my 'patio' (cough) or the bit where the sheds used to be. The log pile was sprawling, and wet in some places after the recent stormy nights ripped the plastic cover (which was ex birthing pool carpet covering!

The chicken girls were pleased with all the woodlice I unearthed for them!

thinking of the book I am working on this year, I started to sketch daisy and Mary sharing books on the sofa ... but Mary slithered down! Then I let Daisy colour in the drawing.

And Matty coloured in this cartoon I did of me and the girls on the sofa. She has helpfully created a neck, for my floating head! I am very tempted to work back into this with pen, and see what comes up!

My book idea has come from a 'game' we play together, so its lovely that we can all work on it together. Daisy can now read my writing if I try my hardest to be neat!

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southmedhorse said...

"Chicken girls"?

You have got to see this, then: