Tuesday, 13 January 2009

alteration, or, what on earth has she done to her living room?

this is the fox that flatters the crow and grabs the cheese, snap!
Daisy and Matty love this fable... i just did this for fun, no good reason at all, apart from perhaps livening up these old walls a bit!

this is the fox and the crow, and a strip of all the alphabet, both large and small letters, oh yes and a bag of lavender from Vicky and phoenix! sorry about the slanty photo, its hard to get a good shot, I'll have to remove the side wall of the house for that...

this is daisy, pointing to P for PETER (our friend), and i can see which letter she is asking about from across the room, where i might be feeding Mary-baby, or sewing...

this is the index for the HUGGLETS bear guide, both daisy and Matty started to point to all the letter headings, ie the letters themselves, saying 'whats that mummy?' and so off we went learning names of some letters. its a little hard to see sometimes which one they are pointing to, and they are so full of questions. now i can suggest they show me the letter on the wall.

Daisy is showing us her teddy magazine. she is good at talking to the camera, and Matty is not at all keen these days, she just wants to look at the pictures on the back screen!

of course i do realise now, than when i say, dont paint on the walls children, i'll have no leg to stand on will i?


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, you have just painted yourself into a corner, dearie. ;)

Caroline B said...

You really should do more painting m'dear..I can see those as illustrations in a children's book!

Libby Buttons said...

What a wonderful mum you are. These are the things children remember all their lives.

Em said...

and its for lovely things like this we HE.