Saturday, 3 January 2009

a raspberry giraffe

a raspberry giraffe
Originally uploaded by RaggyRat

the last animal of 2008 ....

gina is now rehomed and is made from a vintage cord skirt, that has a bold pattern round the hem, making great legs for this giraffe.

i have enough left for one more like gina, and enough fabric for one like the two i made before christmas, if anyone would like one?


Caroline B said...

Cat, I would really like an orange flowery giraffe like the ones you made for your girls - would you consider a swap with a knitted dog set?? (or cash!) E-mail me,

Katy Hargrove said...


cathy gaubert said...

oh, me, me, me, for the pink one!!! would you be interested in doing a swap of some sort??

Kimberly said...

Your work is adorable!