Thursday, 22 January 2009

swap dogs arrived !

our parcel from arrived, how exciting. i swapped a giraffe for these little knitted dogs. i will never be able to knit, i cant knit scarf kits aimed at 7 year olds !

just the right size for little hands, mary-baby won't get hers untill she is no longer a suck-and-chew monster ...

caroline even gave us a basket that they can all sleep in together, so that was a nice surprise, i did think it was a hat at first, but only for a second, honest!


Caroline B said...

Ahh, don't they look cute all together! So glad the twins liked them!

Laura Lynn said...

Awww! They are so sweet! Your Girls certainly look adorable with their new friends ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are awesome!

Gosh, you have such adorable kids. How do you ever get through the day without chewing them up? :D

Libby Buttons said...

O My Gawsh your children are cute!