Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Lockdown life, hair!

All my children dip dyed their hair because there’s no school, apart from home education, and home education has no rules as far as hair colouring goes. I decided to bring forward my hair colouring to join them in blue solidarity. For I was planning to turn my hair to match the colours of The Court Said, previously scheduled for the 6th June this year. 

I applied about half a pot of manic panic to my head after smearing my forehead with barrier cream to hopefully prevent nice blue skin. It was hilarious watching my white hairs brighten up as my very curly hair slowly dried! 

This shade is called Blue Moon if you fancy trying Manic Panic. It smells rather nice and looks like children’s finger-paint! 

On Easter Day I got dressed up for the dog walk, casting aside my usual lockdown attire and tuning in to our churches online service feeling smart for once. Have you coloured, cut or even shaved your own hair? Let me know. Stay happy xxx

Second hand out fit, with shoes from The Dorchester Collection, cardigan from Sue Rider and dress (also planned for the court said) from Ebay. As you were ... 

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