Saturday, 18 April 2020

Lockdown life, food ...

These simple potato bites are made from mash mixed with cheese and rolled in polenta before frying in a light spray of oil. Some of the cheese melting through the polenta makes the coating extra special. Good use of lockdown leftovers! 

I often make banana cake but found myself short of one banana. I mashed my one banana and grated a juicy ripe pair! Result. This cake was for Matty and Daisy’s 14th birthday as they popped over during their holiday time with Steve. And check out that post jaw surgery bite! I’m still great full!

Did you have an Ester egg this year? We had ours for breakfast, while watching Breakfast @9 live on YouTube! Missing Sausage church, mostly the people of sausage church of course ...

With flour becoming available again, and eggs from our own chicken, waffles have become a usual breakfast staple. It was certainly a good choice to take on the rescue chickens this autumn. 

How about something to drink? I tried my hand a the whipped coffee that’s all over the place, but I think it tastes better once you fold it into the milk a bit. The kids liked it, even Mary who tends not to be a coffee fan, but making this coffee does call for a lot of sugar. I reduced the coffee for us, so blended 4 teaspoons of instant coffee, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 4 tablespoons of very hot water with my Bamix. 

The mixture whipped up pretty fast using the whisk attachment and we spooned it over mugs of chilled soya milk. I felt so good after drinking it I collaged most of a mirror and went out to play cowboys with Mary in the cul-de-sac!  

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