Tuesday, 21 April 2020

House Work

So as lockdown began, and Mike could not attend the local gym, he began to shift furniture instead of weights, and I gleefully watched magnolia walls and painted polystyrene tiles disappear. About time too in the case of those tiles! The walls were full of fine cracks, and some bits of plaster fell off. The ceiling had well defined lines, and some water damage from one very rainy night some years ago. 

Remember that divan base that we upcycled? You can see it here, fabric covered. Under the grey worn carpet lurked on the whole some very nice floorboards, imperial not metric, but sadly in some areas the floor boards have taken some abuse on account of electronics and plumbing. Both needed doing when we got this house in 2006.  

Also on the to do list will be some curtains and carpet tiles will finish the floor. Mike will come up with a headboard and there must be a shelf for teddies and other things we like. The dressing table I picked up a few years ago, someone had begun to do it up so we painted it with some white undercoat and I have decoupaged the draw fronts, adding back the original handles. We need to do something similar with our bedside cabinets! 

Meanwhile, home education, arts, crafts and cooking carries on. And Bean the muse, explores the dust sheets on the stairs! 

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