Tuesday, 28 July 2015

If your other persona was a food-themed super-hero?

After breakfast we had a bit of giggly fun deciding what food-related person we would be. I think Daisy started it. She remains ever cabbage obsessed, so you can guess which work is hers!

Strictly off the record, I am Miss Rhubard so that left Mike to be The Custard Guy. Mmmmm. 

Mary was drawing all of the characters when Matty protested to the way her hair was portrayed and all hell was let loose! Meanwhile Matty got on with her poster ....

Mary has given Queen Tomato an important identity card, and some very practical talents too!

As well as a poster you can take one of these leaflets to contact Cabbage Girl in a jiffy!

And as for the Egg Super Hero, she's tougher than she looks!

Now our magnetic board in the living room look super cool! Just the way I like it!

Then the sun shone and we went out!

We are all superheroes!

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