Thursday, 30 July 2015

Facing up to it - 5

Back to orthodontist for adjustments, this time for my fourth colour I have chosen aqua. I also got to take all the girls with me, all keen to see how eveything worked!

When my orthodontist asks me to 'bite together' only metal and metal actially meet! But she seems happy anyway and I'll be back in 4 weeks time!

Here is Daisy using LIPSY which is a touch screen interactive computer with lots of information on it. I've been dying to show Mary just what can result from thumb sucking! 

After they each had a go on LIPSY, we bought some disclosing tablets from the receptionist so that we could carry out the experiment shown, to see just how well we were cleaning our teeth!

They do not taste very nice at all

Each child saw which bits they had been missing after toothbrushing, and set about doing a better job!

Matty had to clean the tops of her teeth again!

Mary had to scrub the fissures of her molars, and the next morning we still looked like we had consumed some very vivid cordial!

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