Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Facing up to it - 4

A big blue smile from me this month. I chose Julia's House blue especially as I'm competing for Carnival Queen this year!

This time chez DCH I got four new brackets at the back of mouth. These wrap right around my number 7 Molars, the only number 8s I have are one upper right, as upper left was long ago pulled out. In my lower jaw the wisdom teeth have never emerged, they don't have any room to and sit in the jaw looking awkward. Sometimes one of the other will try to erupt! 

I expected discomfort from the new hardware, and I got busy with lots of dental wax. But I also got a huge painful swelling on the RHS of my face so I popped back into hospital where I was lucky to be seen within moments, and given reassurance and advice. 

As well as a crop of ulcers, Dr Ellis my consultant found my salivary glad with swollen and indicating a possible blockage or infection. She bent some of the new metalwork away from my cheek and helpfully snipped my wire to the bare minimum!

In a few days all was much better so I didn't have to go to my GP. Phew!

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