Friday, 21 November 2008

revamping old clothes - a t shirt i can breastfeed mary in !

just one baggy t-shirt was left in my cupboard, and such a lovely colour, but i dont wear things like this any more. i had worn it for bed a couple of times.

my stripey orange top which is easy for feeding mary in was getting saggy and worn so i cut it up and used it to transform the baggy t-shirt, after first unpicking the band logos from both the front and back!

it fits a treat, and has just enough gather for nursing access. i love it. i think i can say i can make clothes now, its not something i am very good or exoerienced at ...


Matilda said...

Great job!!!!! wish I could do that.

Beth said...

looks great! I have a plan to make a nursing shirt alos, all thenursing tops in stores are so bland. Hopefully I will get to it soon with all his christmas crafting!