Monday, 17 November 2008

let there be light!

a wee while ago when i was recovering from surgery, and my friend eve had brought round lunch, the men who do street lights came round to find out why ours wasnt working ... after a poke about they made eve move her car in case the badly corroded top half fell on it!

so yesterday they finally came back to finnish the job which has been on going for weeks. they needn't have bothered, its not dark round here, but the nieghbours wanted what they pay their taxes for ... sometimes some men would turn up and look at the job. i was sorry i was holding mary and a phone when they lifted away the old lamp, as that looked pretty impressive ...

but i did get these images and had a chat with the girls while we watched him work
and i hid behind the sofa so the man wouldnt see me haha ! he didn't wave at daisy and matty tho...

now wheres he off to? does he want to see in the bedroom? i wish i had put away my jammies !
perhaps he just wants an overview of his handy work ?

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