Tuesday, 4 November 2008

fursuit - progress on my commission..

fursuit progress
Originally uploaded by RaggyRat

this has been coming together carefully like a big furry patchwork!
its being worn by the duct tape dummy, who only has one arm, bless him!

the centre back seam isnt closed, can you see the centre front zip and velcro ? i hope not :-)

the fur is gorgeous its like stroking a cat !


Caroline B said...

Sooo looking forward to seeing this finished - do you have a deadline?

Layla said...

Looks soooooo snuggly.
Could do with one of these right now, my central heating has packed in Brrrrrrr!

Matilda said...

it looks great Cat. I cant wait for it to be finished and see it modeled on a real person. hehe

Jackie said...

As I have said before..this magnum opus should be extremely expensive...