Friday, 11 April 2008

three 'camera bags', for my neice and 2 nephews (SIL's chids)

three camera bags, from my neice and 2 nephews (SIL's chids)
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i made these fun-filled bags as gifts, no plastic tat from my hands!

the girls were invited to the joint party of the youngest 2 chids, but as chicken pox was rife among them, and the baby almost here, we decided that now would be a good time to stay away ... so they missed the bouncey castle and party food and being sick in the car on the way home afterwoods !

anyway, all the children we know who have been poorly seem to be on the mend so all is well, i would prefer the girls to get it younger, but now is not the time ...

i am 37 weeks today and have deb's blessing to 'pop' anytime i like :-)


TopChamp said...

ooh!!!!!!!! This must be a really exciting time. Looking forward to hearing when the baby comes.

Caroline B said...

Maybe you should have had a go on the bouncy castle! Hope you 'pop' soon and all goes well - can't wait to see your baby.