Monday, 21 April 2008

lady in waiting ... that's me!

a long time ago daisy adopted this pregnancy diary, and i have a picture of her holding it in a more pritistine condition in my flickr pics, crying because she was at a funny age and my sister was visiting ...

at first matty was not allowed to read it but it is now shareware, so thats ok, and they have a collection of things they can read in my magazine rack; a small catalogue, 2 pregnancy diaries and a slim, soft back usbourne book.

i didn't sleep well last night and so i am a bit fluffy today, we had a busy weekend as a family so it is good to rest! had a GREAT meal out last night, i ate enough for several little people and waddled along the sea-front afterwoods back to the car ....i probably ate too much as i had trouble getting comfortable in bed and was awake between 2 and 4am with a wriggly baby and a backache, and i know i am not a midwife but i cant find much head to ballot in my belly, i wonder does this mean anything might happen soon?

just finnished some art ... more about that tomorrow i promise :-) unless ... i am not here to blog tomorrow !!!!


Em said...

Really hope Maus doesn't keep you waiting too much longer!

Still no word on cameras or no cameras! As soon as I know, I'll be onto you for some kind of camera bags....perhaps letting you off looking after a new little life. x

Caroline B said...

ooh, that is sounding like you may be popping very soon - fingers crossed!

LizzieJane said...

So Cat who do you think is going to arrive first your ballerina mouse or your baby??? Tee Hee