Wednesday, 9 April 2008

new mice for bid4bears ...

didn't get to list last week, so here are 2 critters for this week,

i made them putting up my sore feet and sitting with my girls, and their various reading material ...

it was their second birthday yesterday, a day of letters and parcels, a visit from granny and grandad (steves parents), and an oporunity for my midwife

and my doula to meet :-) not because we were having a big party, but because i was due a check up :-)

sorry i didnt do those fancy links there, im too tired and fluffy brained ... in fact i nealry forgot a picture!

1 comment:

Caroline B said...

You are entitled to be as fluffy-brained as you like at the moment! Not long to go now! The mice are adorable.