Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Wasps are Ok!

So this year thanks to Covid19 I’ve done a lot more drawing, and also, surprisingly, writing. Well, let’s be honest, this blog hasn’t seen a lot more action this year! And I read, articles online, library books, and I read about wasps.

I started writing about wasps because of that thing. That no one likes wasps. 

And I discovered that ecologically speaking, we do actually need them. I really wanted to get hold of one to draw too. 

We saw some soggy dead wasps on our dog walks, but I didn’t fancy picking any of those up and taking one home. But then one day I saw a shadow on my bedroom curtain and Wopsy became a guest of ours for a little under 24 hours. 

Even after a feed of honey Wopsy couldn’t fly so we just kept her in. 

Then I got to see how beautiful this pollinator and hunter of pests actually is. 

And I didn’t realise that wasps are fluffy. Saving all my photos of Wopsy here for reference. 

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