Friday, 29 January 2016

Street rescue ... Backpack repair

One rainy day this week we parked the car to go visiting, and there in a soggy heap was a backpack. It was covered in leaves and berries and contained woodlice, soil and a fat worn!

But Mike and I both saw potential. Something that ought to escape the landfill, and we threw it on the mat in the footwell of the car when we left. 

At home I shook it out and fed the worm to the chickens. After two dunkings in water from the rain butts, I brought the backpack in for a hand wash, in a solution of floor cleaner and disinfectant. After that an Express wash, rinse and spin in the Meile. 

As the bag dried I could see it was in pretty good shape apart from the adjusters. One was missing and another was smashed. The zips were sticking but  a few sprays of Mr Sheen and they didn't need replacing after all. 

I have a stash of webbing and clips and I found two adjusters the right size. Mike unpicked the loops needed to hold them in place and you can see my re-stitching. 

I don't think it matters that the clips don't match. I have a new bag! 

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