Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A new kid on the block ...

Lately a lot of over-made-up dolls are getting a younger, fresher look. I decided to have a go myself. I can paint, I just wasn't sure about having a steady enough hand! But I found this Alice Moxie Girlz doll for 50p and she came home with me ...

With a few pieces of magic eraser, and a lot of nail varnish remover her make up and fat lips disappeared! Well ok, those lips still looked pumped. Some careful painting would take care of that. 

With white acrylic I shaped new eyes. And with a gentle pink and some 12-year-olds front teeth those lips have changed!

After that point I was on a roll. I do believe she needs some hint at eye lashes, but I'm really pleased with my first attempt to create a doll that looks like a real person!

Simple clothes next, but in the meantime, I found a hat for her to wear. 

What do you think her name should be?

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