Sunday, 15 March 2015

Facing up to it - 2

The one where I got wired! And here we see a face that hides a secret! The braces have been fitted and nothing will ever be the same again!

So off I went to DCH last Wednesday. I was given a groovy pair of safety goggles incase of flying hardware and lay back to enjoy the ride. 

Dr Ellis and cheerful assistant set about filling my face with metal and glues, various, and small silicone bands in a delightful shade of aqua. Which I chose. 

But Dr Ellis and cheerful assistant did not want to be photographed with me sporting these fetching lip retractors. Although they did suggest to Mike that it would make a good image for the blog. After seeing her fit this, I bet Dr Ellis is good at putting away pop-up tents! I'm not. 

In this picture, you can see everything ready to be joined with a very fine wire. 

The fine wires are held in place by tiny rubbers. After teaching Mike how to get a macro shot using his iPhone, he took this close-up. If you are a senseble grown-up who doesn't want to do colour you can have clear silicone bands. 

The first photo of me in my braces shows that my teeth need a lot of adjustments before that jaw surgery can take place! But I'm definitely excited!


Caroline B said...

That middle picture looks like a certain scene in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory! Good luck to you, hope it all turns out as you hope.

Susan McMahon said...

Very brave of you - I hope you get the outcome you desire! It must be a difficult - and possibly a bit painful - process to endure once you are mature and your bones are "set". I was lucky to have been blessed with perfectly straight teeth and no occlusion problems - had a friend once whose father was a dentist - he used to go into paroxysms of delight and rapture when he looked in my mouth....."Ahhhh! Perrrfect occlusion" You have to imagine the Scottish accent!