Thursday, 5 March 2015

Facing up to it - 1

There is a person behind the colourful creations that are The Raggy Rat. So this is me today. I'm pretty a-symmetrical seen from the cameras eye not the mirror!

If I look tired, I've a little one off school sick. A million things to do each day. But moslty because I'm taking an objective photograph for you today. 

The reason for sharing is because someone somewhere might like to look at my journey one day especially if they are facing the same thing. No pun intended. In the pic above my jaw is parted behind my closed mouth. My jaws have never fitted together nicely and I am excited and nervous that that is all going to change!

Here you can see what I look like with my teeth fitted together! If I allow those lips to close I look pretty grim and I was teased a lot in school because of the way I looked. How I longed to be pretty!

Maybe two years from now it will be time for Orthognathic Surgery on possibly both my jaws, but first a lot of work on that overjet and overbite with the addition of two fixed braces. 

These blue elastics pathe the way for the metal work next week! I will be sure to show you then!

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