Saturday, 16 July 2011

Round up ...

I am going to make more bunting, but first, Mary had a go at decorating my pattern!

But what's this in the corner? Mary said she forgot to put her name, so I wrote on the board M-A-R-Y and I think she did very well, for a three year old!

This woollen tank-top feels lovely - it will soon be a fun crop of hamsters, though!

The face of barn owl number 5 appears!

and here is a little treat I got for myself, well for the family room...

On a sad note, skinny-chicken decided to leave us, and we all felt a bit sad. My older girls Drew her picture and gave them to me. This is Matty's...

and Daisy started her drawing with skinny-chicken's bright yellow legs - she was the only one of our girls with yellow legs!

Have you been busy? I feel as though we have!

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